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LAMPU PHILIPS TL - 5 Essential 21W 830. 840. 865
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IDR 32000,00


Lampu TL

• Applied with electronic ballast for TL5 only;

• Work at temperature from 5°C to 50°C.

• 40% less tube dimension than T8 fluorescent lamps. Reducing luminaire, stock and transportation cost;

• Slim 16 mm tube allows more compact and flexible luminaire design;

• Max lumen output at over 30 °C ambient temperature, more suitable to actual lighting situation;

• With CRI more than 80, building comfortable working and living ambiences;

• Providing high reliable and high quality lighting solution at low cost;

• Create atmospheres from warm white to cool daylight.

• Suitable for use at locations where need compact, high efficient, energy saving lighting.
Including offices, shops, supermarkets, schools, hospitals and industrial lighting.
Ordering Characteristic
Characteristic Name
Unit of Measure
Commercial code
Product Description
TL-5 Essential 14W/830 1SL/40
TL-5 Essential 14W/840 1SL/40

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